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 New Harbour - Zombie Board - Ten years later (IF)

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PostSubject: New Harbour - Zombie Board - Ten years later (IF)   Wed May 16, 2012 8:16 am


It has been ten years since the initial outbreak and civilization is slowly rebuilding itself. The city of New Harbour stands as a beacon of the Human spirit. Safe (mostly) and secure, (somewhat), New Harbour is home. Though, there are though who revel in the collapse of government and society. Outlaw gangs that roam the wild and take what they want and kill whomever they feel like.

And then there are the zombies. The reason for the collapse. No one saw it coming. They were monsters from comic books and horror movies, not any threat to be taken seriously. Or so everyone thought. Now, hordes of decomposing corpses walk the wilderness, searching for fresh food.

Life goes on though, even among these dangers. Protect yourself, protect your family, and live for the day. It is all you can do.
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New Harbour - Zombie Board - Ten years later (IF)
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