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 The Silver Order

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PostSubject: The Silver Order   Thu Nov 03, 2011 7:52 pm

The Silver Order

The Silver Order are a small band of prodigies dedicated to ridding the Earth of Hellspawn. They are the best of the best of their disciplines and function seperately from the cities. They travel wherever they feel they are needed and are the only people outside town officials that are allowed to travel freely without the usual restrictions placed on everyone else.

Cold and distant to those outside their order, the Silvers exist solely to destroy Hellspawn, whatever the cost. They are very close-knit and never wander far from their group. People often try to buy their services as bodyguards but they will only accept if it ties in with their own goals. Their name comes from the weapons, armour and items they carry, most of which are silver or silver coated, gifts from city controllers and individuals as thanks for defending them.

However, many people view the Order as cold and soulless, their philosophy as immoral and barbaric. They believe that the death of a demon far outweighs the life of a human, and this sometimes causes conflict between them and civilians. They are highly efficient killers bonded by their promises to each other and their intense hatred of Hellspawn. Their group is fixed, new members only brought in when one of their number falls. Due to the nature of their Order they will only welcome those that will fit into their dynamic and not cause any kind of conflict. They can only function efficiently if they trust each other entirely and this has caused an impenetrable bond to be formed between them. They seek all forms of comfort and companionship amongst each other.

The Silvers are playable with admin permission only, and there is only a very limited number of members of the Order.

~ Blade Master
~ Weapon Master
~ Explosives Expert
~ Shapeshifter - Taken
~ Healer - Taken
~ Summoner
~ Elementalist - Taken
~ Hunter
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The Silver Order
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