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 Callisto Herrera

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Callisto Herrera


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PostSubject: Callisto Herrera   Mon Nov 07, 2011 9:02 am

Callisto Herrera

Full Real Name: Callisto Herrera.
Race: Human.
Date Of Birth/ Age: 1st August 2001/ 40 at application.
District Lived In: Silver Order.
Occupation: Silver Order Shifter.

Brief Physical Description: Heavily tattooed and powerfully built, Cal does enjoy taking care of his appearance as much as circumstance allows. His eyes are blue and his dark brown hair is kept cropped short. Cal stands roughly six foot one inch tall and is well muscled; the harsh physical fitness regime taught to him in Birmingham still following him to this day. He does have a number of small scars littering his body, the reminders of battles past. He often sports a small amount of facial hair, it is hard to keep well shaved on the road after all. Cal usually wears as little as possible to make shifting into his animal form easier, but does have the sense to cover his dignity when in the public eye.

Cal's shifted form is that of a mighty light draft horse stallion, pure black with a long full mane and tail. The stallion stands roughly ten feet tall at the withers and is rarely seen without the barding that has been given to him during his travels. Cal's horse-form armour consists of a silver plated chamfron with three large solid silver spikes, a leather crinet covered in large silver plated studs, a leather peytral covered in medium-length silver plated spikes and a leather croupiere covered in medium-length silver plated spikes. He does need assistance getting into his barding when in horse-form, but when he is fully decked out Cal makes a very formidable tank.

Brief History: Born in Birmingham in 2001, Cal remembers how the world was before the chaos began. Cal's father was a Spanish immigrant gunsmith named Jaime who moved to England illegally in search of better health care to treat his COPD. He managed to successfully hide under the government radar and fell in love with a nurse named Leila. Together they had a son named Callisto. Cal's youth was a peaceful and happy one; going to school, playing out in the garden until far too late at night and finding a deep love of sports. Leila passed away when Cal was six after suffering from a short but brutal case of pneumonia. Cal had always been a rough and tumble kid, loving being outdoors and often getting into trouble for fighting with the other boys. These behaviours got worse and at age ten he was put into a young offenders facility for two months for putting another boy in hospital with internal bleeding after the other kid had called his dad a whore-grabbing sponger. This is where he was when humanity's rule came to an end.

Shortly after the first Hellgate it became clear even to the ten year old boy that life was never going to be the same again. Jaime taught his son how to look after and fire a gun and sent him to cage fighting classes, hoping that if hell came to England his son would have a better chance of defending himself. For two years Jaime was teaching his son before his COPD eventually overcame him, and the twelve year old boy was left alone. Cal saw the decimation of America, the country that had always seemed to him like the epitome of pride and arrogance, and it was while he was homeless and roaming the streets that Russia fell. Cal couldn't afford to keep up his proper training but he fought whenever he could, picking battles with whomever he could and always managing to stay just out of the reach of the police. He lost a great many fights but he also learned a lot about survival and tactics.

When the research and fighting academy in Birmingham opened Cal was one of the first to volunteer to join their ranks. His direct experiences made him one of the sites better fighters and he soon found himself being pitched against more opponents and those much higher trained than he was. Cal was twenty when they pitched him unarmed against five armoured newcomers armed with cricket bats. He fought off the first two okay, but when the third came at him they managed a firm swipe across his back. The pain stabbed through him and for the first time ever Cal knew he had met his match, and for the first time in as long as he could remember he was properly afraid. Cal fought valiantly but they managed to surround him. He called out that he yielded, but the trainers ignored him. The wave of fear and panic flooded through him, and it was quickly joined by a violent stabbing agony as he shifted for the first time. The terrified ginger pony attacked the suddenly confused and panicked fighters surrounding it and Cal fled from the training academy.

He was wandering for several months before Cal found himself in Edinburgh, and after scouting the area he found himself inside Sighthill Tower. Inside Sighthill the trainers worked to teach Cal how to control his ability and make the most of it, and over time he got more and more able. By the time Britain isolated itself from the mainland he was able to control when he shifted and the size and colour of the horse he shifted into, as well as limit the amount of pain he experienced during the transformation. During his downtime from magical training Cal kept up his fitness and fighting training, making the most of a small local fighting school to keep on top of his game. There they were also able to teach him how to fight effectively in his horse form. It was while he was in Sighthill that Cal met Avery and the two quickly became firm friends. In 2034 the first Hellgate opened in Devon and the Silver Order formed shortly after.

Personality: Cal is every inch a battler, both in his human and horse forms. Despite his wayward and strong headed attitude he is actually very intelligent and is a good tactician and decision maker. When travelling with the Order Cal tends to stay in his horse form; carrying the barding around in human form is difficult even for him, and the straps on most of the teams equipment means it can be tied to his barding to make journeying easier for all of them. The immense size of his horse form means that he can carry a number of people on his back at once, a skill that is as useful in battle as it is for travelling. He is part pack horse, part tank and part battering ram.

As with the rest of the Order Cal is cold and distant to outsiders, tending to ignore them where possible. He does however quite often act as the groups spokesperson; not many people tend to want to argue with someone that looks capable of caving their face in with a casual backhand. Within the group he is a completely different person, laid back and yet boisterous with a very outgoing and playful nature. Cal is however very protective of the rest of his 'herd' and will defend them to the death; he likes to think of himself as the groups annoying but guarding big brother. When he shifts from his horse form into his human form he is always naked, a fact that the others tease him about and has earned him an 'exhibitionist' tag, something that he fervently denies but not-so-secretly knows to be true. He has an ego that loves to be stroked and a body that loves to be stroked even more.

Caster type: Shifter.
Spells/ abilities Known: Can turn into any size or colour equine at will with only a small amount of discomfort. In his horse form he can understand spoken words but obviously cannot speak. Higher than natural strength and endurance in both horse and human forms. Advanced fighter.


Player cbox name: Sam.
Playby: Brian Austin Green.
100x100 Icon for use on the canon list:

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Callisto Herrera
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