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 Avery Korzha

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Avery Korzha


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PostSubject: Avery Korzha   Tue Nov 08, 2011 8:57 am

Avery Korzha

Full Real Name: Avery Damien Korzha.
Race: Human.
Date Of Birth/ Age: 17th May 2000/ 41 at application
District Lived In: Silver Order.
Occupation: Silver Order Elementalist

Brief Physical Description: Avery is in his own opinion, the Gods gift to humankind before bending us over for a rough ride. He stands 5'11 and three-quarters though he always rounds up to an "even 6'1" because "I'm not seen without shoes by most". His eyes are a warm green, a parting gift form his father along with his rounded jaw and wavy black hair. He has his mother's complexion and lip structure. He's not big on cutting his hair or being completely clean-shaven, which can be cause of playful ridicule amount the other silvers because he occasionally looks like a shaggy dog or as though he's been brushing his hair with magics. His build his thinly muscled, much to Avery's annoyance, he is simply not built to bulk up physically. he wears his Silver armor when they travel, but during breaks and outside cities, he is most comfortable without shoes wearing something airy like dark gray cotton trousers, even jeans, and a simple shirt. His body carries some minor scars from early battles before he was competent with his element.

Brief History: Avery Damien Korzha was born long before the Demonic Insurrection in Bucharest, Romania to Monica and Naculai Korzha, he remembers his childhood being above ground, relatively peaceful, and fondly. He was the youngest of two children thought he was the only one to reach adulthood; his older sister Sorina was killed at age fifteen when the first Hellgate opened in Romania, in 2013. One of his strongest memories was the feeling of his sister's hands shove him down a small flight of stairs towards a basement flat, saving his life from the demon that would consume her. He never hated anything more in his short life than hearing the muffled sound of rending flesh and crushing bone but knowing intimately that if he went out or save his sibling's remains from consumption, he would join her in death. Shortly after this his parents decided to use their french citizenship to get out of eastern Europe. Their original destination had been America, believing as many had that if the world was going to end, it would be the nation born of rebellion that would survive the longest. But when the Demons decimated the land of the free, the Korzah's decided Scotland was good enough.

When he turned fifteen, Avery started to show magics, particularly a strong affinity for wind. Humans around what was left of the world were starting to show magical abilities. Initially it was seen as delusional men and women reading too many stories about young wizards with lightening shaped scars, needing an escape from the terror of Gates opening globally with no rhyme or reason to them. Only these 'blessed ones' needed no wands or Latin words to bring strong winds, gusts of water, mud, or small fires into being... Elememtalists were underwhelming at best to begin. The rest of Britain saw little use to these humans, aside form the occasional distraction when Demonspawn surged on a location, their abilities were unpredictable and good for two uses at best before they crumpled to the ground in exhaustion. Edinburgh decided to study this phenomenon and encouraged the gifted and any remaining family they had to come to the city. Soon magics of all kinds were discovered, from shifters to healers and elementals, each group was separated to first be tested then trained.

Three years, mostly of trial and error, retesting and training would pass and in that time Avery would learn of his parent's deaths from various demon attack or Gate openings, he mourned each for a day or so, then he would go back to work. Avery could see the immediate good it was doing for humankind as each wave of gifted that came to Edinburgh were better trained than the last. In this work, there was hope, in perpetual grieving lie only despair and possible insanity. Any time he was not in briefings with his trainers at Sighthill, or helping tutor younger elementalists, Avery was honing his craft. Training as hard as he could physically and mentally, reading everything he found meditation and mindfulness. Much of it he ignored, the rest he used to focus his gift. He would not rest until he could put a tempest inside an actual teapot. It was while he was in Sighthill that Avery met Cal and the two quickly became firm friends. In 2034 the first Hellgate opened in Devon and the Silver Order formed shortly after.

Personality: As all members of the Silvers Avery is cold and distant to outsiders; they do not understand the importance of complete annihilation of demonspawn, and how vital it is to end the demonic insurrection even at the cost of human lives. Rather then debate his beliefs with others, he simply does not engage, he lets Cal's rather imposing demeanor handle the more belligerent and persistent rabble-rouses. To his brothers and sisters in arms, he is utterly mental. He lives for fun and will take the piss out of anything, be it Cal's 'exhibitionism' or any other trait for the other Silvers that can be exploited for comedic value. Though well into his early forties, Avery doesn't act much older than when he first arrived in Edinburgh as a scrawny, talented boy from a group of Romanian refugees. Naturally, when it comes to demons he's all business, to the lines of 'kill yourself or I'll do it for you.' He favours projectile weapons when magic cannot be used.

Caster type: Elementalist, Air.
Spells/Abilities Known: Avery can create almost anything he can either imagine or have explained to him with wind. Though his magic is directly tied to mental clarity and physical strength. Avery requires at least a 2 second window between each spell cast and cannot cast for more then eight ( 8 ) hours without sleep.


Player cbox name: Lindi
Playby: Tarkan Tevetoglu
100x100 Icon for use on the canon list:

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Avery Korzha
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