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 Nevaeh Valentine

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Nevaeh Valentine


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PostSubject: Nevaeh Valentine   Tue Nov 08, 2011 5:49 pm

Nevaeh Valentine

Full Real Name: Nevaeh Joeclyn Valentine.
Race: Human.
Date Of Birth/ Age: 13th June, 2013 / 28 at Application.
District Lived In: Manchester.
Occupation: Attending Physician.

Brief Physical Description: Genetics and mild malnourishment conspired the keep the doctor form reaching a respectable adult height but being 5'1 doesn't bother Neva, so long as people aren't making fun of her about it. She doesn't have many scars, most of which stem from her early traumatic experience with hellspawn, but the ones she does have are easily covered by clothing. She is strong enough to survive but not much else, Neva isn't sickly bet he wouldn't be much help on construction site. Neva only wears her dingy lab coat in the hospital, it's not functional outside it, and her appearance is also functional; she cropped her previously long hair to shoulder length and is considering shorter, her attire consists of wears boots with dark jeans and tops of muted colors. Hides the blood easier.

Brief History: Neva was born in a temporary shelter under Reading, England as her family and a dozen others hid from raiders, humans who would follow behind demon raids or hellgate openings to prey on the unfortunate survivors. Her parents, Daniel and Justine Valentine had three older boys already, Micheal, Adrian, and Gabriel. They decided to give their daughter a name they thought fitting for the time, Heaven backwards. Neva has scare memories of her toddler years, most of it occurred in the dark as she and the other small ones were encouraged to sleep, often. Because it kept them quiet, and in theory, if they were ever lost to their families and found by hellspawn, they would not have to see their end. After leaving Reading the family settled in a small, unnamed village in the middle of a country. At the time rumors spread that if only people stopped concentrating in cities, it would help keep causalities down. Like many, the Valentine's believed this tale and settled in a village artificially kept below 20 families.

The following five years were not perfect, but peaceful enough that Neva and the other young children could play for a few hours in the grass each day while their families conducted the chores of keeping a community working. A Gate opened in the grasses outside the community one afternoon and though less than forty demons came through before the gate closed it was enough decimate the peace of the little village and alter Nevaeh's life forever. One demon decided to make sport of the child, first shattered two ribs by flinging her into a tree, once cornered the demon took her time eating a portion of the girl's leg and plucking out her left eye before being bought down by older residents of the village. Though she survived, it left the seven year old Neveah greatly traumatised. For the next two years Neva would not leave the safety of the earth unless absolutely essential to her survival, and wore an eye-patch to protect the socket from further damage.

Her second oldest brother Adrian died at seventeen, not of demonspawn but Typhoid Fever from poor conditions on the way to Manchester to treat him. The eldest, Michael joined the military when Neva was only three and Gabe just seven. He was sixteen at the time and, as many young men and women, wanting to fight and push the demons back into hell. As a result Neva had no memory of him until they found he was stationed in the city and the family was reunited. It was an awkward reunion for Micheal and Neva. He was already twenty-three, seemingly unshakeable in his convictions and courage. She was just ten, still timid and scarred in more ways than she could explain. From her perspective Micheal was a grown man with a face she only half-remembered with whom there seemed no common ground; he could not understand her timidity, and she saw no logic to his strength and optimism. She wasn't quite a coward, Neva had seen the horrors that demons could wreck and frankly wondered what was wrong with him to risk a horrific death engaging demons on purpose when he could simply defend against then when they came to them. If the two siblings could be compared to the surviving cities, Neveah was Cardiff and Micheal was Birmingham.

The Northern city was nothing like Neva had ever seen, much of it was in ruin and disrepair on the surface, but below a second city of sorts was being constructed, reports showed no hellgate had ever opened underground, it was seen as the logical move. Living in Manchester, she made friends with a boy named Tiarnan Darrows, whose mother happened to be a nurse and noticed her son's little friend had healing magic, thought it wasn't too hard to put together, anytime Tiarnan managed to give him self some minor malady Neva would do what she had always done for her mother, father and brothers; heal him. Because of Edinburgh's work with magic users, Neveah did not have to leave her family for Scotland as previously feared and started learning how to control and increase her ability from healers in the city, soon she decided to apprentice herself to the doctors as well, she didn't want to just use magics to heal, but medicine as well.

Neva and Tiarnan were much more then friends once they reached adolescence. They were each others first and a couple for nearly six years before he left for Birmingham. Her relationship with Micheal improved greatly, it might have been the loss of their father that bought them closer, but she started looking forward to Micheal's leave instead of dreading trying to make conversation with a stranger. She broke up with Tiarnan when she was nineteen after discovering he went to Birmingham to become a spy for the city and wanted to maintain his relationship with his old girlfriend as source of information about the hospital and research facility She's lived in Manchester with her mother and older brothers in small room in the district closest to the hospital ever since.

Personality: Friendly, patient, and professional is how most know her, Neva gets on well at the hospital and with the other twenty-three residents of the tenement house. By her own admissions she is not an optimistic, but not quite ready to give into complete pessimism, but her hope for this world getting any better is dying quickly. With her family, her brothers in particular, she is playful, and even bratty to a degree, what little faith she has left, is worn for her mother's sake, despite-- or perhaps in spite-- of losing so much. She won't admit to becoming increasingly lonely, she is smarter then she lets on most of the time, but don't bother to show it unless there is a need.

Caster type: Healer
Spells/Abilities Known: Neva is a healer specialising in medical magics, as such most of her ability is focused on healing the sick and injured. her magic is directly tied to mental clarity and physical strength. Neva can only help people to a certain point, she cannot resurrect the dead or help those too near to death, the process would kill her before she could save them. Neva can cast for six (6) hours without resting.


Player cbox name: Lindi
Playby: America Ferrera
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Nevaeh Valentine
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