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PostSubject: SOUTH PACIFIC PRIVATE   Thu Nov 10, 2011 10:03 am

They say every mental hospital has a dark secret. Sometimes it's ghosts of the past. Maybe there was a fire beforehand. Maybe the staff mistreats their patients, or the patients break loose to go on a killing spree. South Pacific private isn't like that.

Each patient has a roommate and a nurse to watch over them. Visitors are allowed on family days. The mental hospital has an outstanding reputation of perfection and healing, perfect for nearly any case. So many might ask, what is wrong, exactly, with South Pacific Private? The answer….nothing.

Nothing, that is…unless you consider have a hospital run by the patients as a problem. The staff is handpicked from the finest psychiatric wards around, just as the brochure claims… what it doesn't say is that the staff were once inmates themselves. How would you feel if your loved one was counseled by the mentally insane? Oh dear, I believe the doctor was supposed to ask you that...

Are you better off a patient? Or will you be part of the hospital staff? Either way, things are sure to be...interesting.

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