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 The Fifteenth Warrior

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PostSubject: The Fifteenth Warrior   Sat Nov 12, 2011 7:30 am


In the mythical world of Midril, the kingdoms of Fiori and Midril have been
at war for centuries. No one knows how the war began, only that they wish
for it to end. The two kingdoms themselves are polar opposites; having
different laws, beliefs and goals relevant to just about any matter. Fiori is
known as 'The Realm of Virtue' and Valkan 'The Realm of Sin' - and not without
good reason. There is only one thing that the two kingdoms have in common,
and that is that every citizen is attracted to members of the same sex.

But it could all change.

Legend tells of a prophecy made thousands of years ago, a prophecy about the
war itself and its salvation. The story goes that a fifteenth warrior shall be
born, and they shall end the war once and for all. It is believed that the fifteenth
warrior shall be a child of one of Fiori's warriors, a Knight of Virtue, and one of
Valkan's fighters, a Warrior of Sin. The problem is that none of them will go
near each other willingly.

That is where we lay our scene. In the midst of two warring kingdoms,
who will win? And which side will you be on?

The Fifteenth Warrior is a fantasy slash rpg. With friendly and welcoming
staff and an interesting plot, with plenty of opportunities for diversity,
members and characters from all walks of life are welcome.

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The Fifteenth Warrior
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