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 The Hunters Game: survival IF mature rpg

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PostSubject: The Hunters Game: survival IF mature rpg   Sat Nov 12, 2011 1:28 pm

Site Name: The Hunters Game

Site Link: http://z13.invisionfree.com/hunt_rpg

Rating: mature (16+)

Time of where the RP is set in: au modern day


Everyone knows you can't trust the government. But its not the government that you should really watch out for. This all goes further then just what the president is doing, or how they are scamming the tax bracket. There is a secret society with members all over the world that claims to want the best for America and all of her loyal citizens. But to do that they need to experiment with different weapons and right now its all about genetic engineering and who can make the best organic killing machine. The Dome has been a secret project that has been in the works since just before the second world war. Its a place where they can take their organic weapons and test them out in real life situations.

It was stupid to think people would volunteer for this kind of thing. It's more then just military training. So people were taken from the streets, apparently by random, and placed inside The Dome and then people watch as they struggle to survive. They take notes on how long something survives and then move on. It is all in a days work really.

You were chosen for this experiment. Maybe your a common thug living on the streets, maybe your high ranking military and maybe your just a kindergarten teacher minding their own business. The fact remains you are here now, with a small back pack that could be holding any number of things, The scary thing is it is all something you know how to use. be it ammo and a gun or a sewing kit that looks just like the one you use at work. Whoever put you here knows you. and they wanted to know if you have what it takes to survive. How will you play The Hunters Game.
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The Hunters Game: survival IF mature rpg
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