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 Dragon Ball Z Requiem

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PostSubject: Dragon Ball Z Requiem   Sun Nov 13, 2011 4:50 pm

    After King Mufasa's death and his son Simba's disappearance, that was passed off as death, Scar took over the Pridelands. As he reign started he united his pride and his army of Hyena's, forcing the two to live under his reign in the Pridelands. With the takeover and the Hyena's endless hunts the Pridelands has started to slowly sicken and die, water has become scarce as well as food. Whatever is found is eaten by anyone who can get to it first though under Scar the Hyena's are given favorable treatment if only for their loyalty.

    Under the guise of finding more food Scar has started to push into the nearby territory of the Lowlands and the neutral Savannah lands, his dreams have expanded from what they once were and he now wishes to be the only the. The Lion King. Due to the push into their territory the Lowlanders have begun to enforce their borders more fiercely and unrest has spread not only between them and the Pridelands but between them and the Highlands. Pridelanders have begun to move towards the Lowlands as refuge, and talks of war are prevalent.

    Scars plans aren't widely know but there is suspicion, some lions support him and have left their home prides migrating towards Scar. Others have become paranoid, tempers and fear run high leaving the Prides constantly wondering...

    What will come with the rising sun?

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Dragon Ball Z Requiem
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