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 Anais Willett

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Anais Willett


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PostSubject: Anais Willett   Sat Nov 19, 2011 9:22 am

Anais Willett

Full Real Name: Anais Willett
Race: Human
Date Of Birth/ Age: 3rd January, 2018/ 23 At application
District Lived In: Silver Order
Occupation: Cleric

Brief Physical Description: Anais is herself, 5'4 with a medium build, she is smaller then she'd like, in her own opinion she could be pitched a few dozen kilometers by a demon if it were so inclined. Her dark hair is only let down when The Silvers are traveling. Her complexion is what is commonly know as 'peaches and cream' though she would not appreciate that term being used outside one of her fellow Silvers making a joke. Anais also got her first scar from this new lifestyle; a long one along her right breast where she was burned badly. She wears boots and trousers with something light and airy as a top, she likes having the extra fabric as an inpromptu blanket and the style of it. She recently had her breastplate heavily reinforced to prevent a repeat of her last injury.

Brief History: There are successes and failures in any social experiment, and Anais' parents were just that. Though coupled for six years they only managed two children Anais, and a little boy Trevor. Unfortunately, Fiona Heartwood and Alan Gilead were not at all inclined with affection for their progeny, or each other really, and from there were sewed the seeds of their destruction. Because they were lackluster parents it was soon decided they were not to continue to live in the relative luxury of the safe tenements with other families working hard to raise the next generation. They would be made fieldlings and their children given to better families. Unfortunatley that meant the separation of four-year-old Anais from her infant brother who wasn't quite out of nappies or talking. He was given to a loving family whose name she never could recall, she went to live with a couple by the name of Merida and Thomas Willett, the niece and son-in-law of the midwife who birthed Anais and her brother.

The Willett's were night and day to what the girl was accustomed to. They spoke to her like a person instead of an unwanted dog, played with her and didn't mind if she was loud or fussy. There was no shouting or cold indifference, but love, patience and teaching. By the time she was seven, Anais knew what she wanted with all the conviction of a young child; a midwife, just like her (adoptive) mother. It wasn't to be. Anais, from a very early age, had a strong affinity for clerical arts, which was well known by the Mayor, his wife and the Head midwife. A few months after her seventh birthday magic scouts for the small girl arrived, and as arranged, she was taken to Edinburgh for further training.

Culture shock was an understatement. Edinburgh was nothing like home. The culture, people, food were all different then what she knew of life in the plains. And while the city had it's own charm, the small girl missed her family back in the country. The years of training and making friends in this new city would ease her lonely little heart, and seeing just what demons could and would do to humankind given the unfettered opportunity hardened her spirit against them. Anais remembers strongly when Devon fell, the terror even in the magic city was palatable. The Silver Order formed shortly after and she was naturally not even considered for the group. The founders were all adults at least in their early thirties, there was no point in recruiting a talented child only to seem them horrifically dead the first time they encountered the enemy.

That didn't mean the Silver Order had not kept an eye on the girl as she honed her skill as a cleric, especially when she mastered a technique known as 'stacking'; Anais devised a way to heal multiple people in a single location so long as she was not distracted, the people she was treating did not leave her ray or or physically harmed, the drawbacks to this technique were increased fatigue and the inability to hold the healing pattern for longer then a half hour's time. It was a technique that was too dangerous for the battlefield but had unlimited potential for healing in clinics and hospitals.

A few months before she turned 21, the Order's founding Healer met his untimely end. Matthias Urial was killed by a Belphegor outside what was fated to be the firey remains of London. Once his body was cremated the Order tracked down the slightly older Anais and offered her an invitation to join their ranks.

Naturally, she accepted and has been the resident Healer ever since.

Personality: As all members of the silver order, she has no need to discuss policies with outsiders, she understands intimately the need for the Silvers and what they do even if civilians don't. Though because of her age and relative newness to the clan, (Anais replaced their fallen cleric three years prior) she is more effected by the harsh words of short minded individuals who alternately need and curse the Silvers, her personal armour isn't quite as advanced as the others. Within the clan she is not quite the baby, there is no space in the order for that luxury. She is simply unseasoned. Anais is an exceptional cleric but one thing still holds her back form being extraordinary, she is still afraid of death.

Caster type: Cleric
Spells/ abilities Known: Anais can use her healing ability for offensive or defensive superiority. Though her magic is directly tied to mental clarity and physical strength, healing depends on both the will to live of the person(s) she heals and how close they are to death. While Anais cannot revived the dead, she can pull back those close to death depending on the condition of their bodies and, again, will to survive. Anais requires at least a 2 second window between each cast and and like all advanced healers she can 'stack' healing up to four people at once before she starts to feel fatigue. The drawbacks to this technique are as follows; she cannot defend herself or the people she is healing and must be protected for the duration and she can only use this technique twice in a month. Anais can cast for eight ( 8 ) hours without sleep.


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Playby:Merve Bolugur
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Anais Willett
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