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PostSubject: WolfClan   Fri Nov 25, 2011 3:27 pm

Site Name: WolfClan
Site Activity: Moderately Active {Some Slow Days or Slow Periods}
Site Creation Date: September 15, 2005
Active Members: Five – Ten {Varies}
Roleplay Genre: Semi-Relastic Roleplay About Wolves. Powers, Wings, and odd colors are allowed, but you must pay for them via the points you earn on the site.
Current Site Season, Month, and Year: Spring -- March -- Year 28
Site Plot: Wolfclan is a site where the players make their own plots for the characters! Now and then there might be a war between two of the Clans. Right now, there are only three Clans:: AmrylaClan, ReignaClan, and TilveraClan. The last Clan, NylenClan, has its territory divided between ReignaClan and TilveraClan. There are also two minipacks – The Rassavat and the Merian Roamers. They are small but still have their own rules and ranks.
Link:: Enter WolfClan Now~ (Click Me)
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