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 The Edge of Oblivion

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PostSubject: The Edge of Oblivion   Wed Nov 30, 2011 12:42 pm


    The scene before you is of an old man appearing to be in his late 70's early 80's. His bones are feeble, his joints creak as he sits down before you. He sets his cane to the side and clears his throat before he begins to speak in a raspy calm tone as he recites from memory of a tale he has told a thousand times in hopes to captivate you and gain your intrigue.

    "For centuries mankind has had suspicions that we were not alone. For thousands of years we have believed in some form of higher being whether it be God, Allah, Buddha, or the gods of elements and nature. We have all believed in something or another at one point in our mortal lives that we have even created stories or movies on these subjects whether they be fantasy or real. We have had Heroes and foes. We have had victims of violence and/ or perpetual happiness. There has always been a balance between good and evil. There has always been talk about other worlds or dimensions separating our world from that of an alternate reality, only to be traveled by mystical portals or celestial wormholes. All of this has been speculation and forms of imagination. That is until now.

    I am here to tell you that doubts and conspiracies are about to be compromised and the prophecies in which have been foretold are about to unfold. An Apocalypse is on the rise. An Armageddon, spoken in the book of Revelations, is about to be bestowed upon us. For every good tale there is an end, and for us to understand the end, we must start with the beginning. The beginning of this story though, begins nearly 80 years ago, since before I was brought into this world. It was Autumn of 2011 and during that time, crime and corruption had begun to fill this world. Mortal men were filled with the sins of our forefathers and the transgressions of our mothers. The world was slowly digressing into a time of chaos and turmoil. And if that wasn't enough, it was the Higher Powers who believed it was time to teach mankind a lesson in humility. The gates of hell were opened up and had devoured this world whole. Demons and nightmares soon filled the world. All that we had thought was created in our minds had become real. Everything we thought didn't exist, became our reality. The creatures of the night begun to populate our world even more so than they had before, but this time was different. They didn't have to hide anymore. They didn't have to remain a secret. They were free to roam our world as mortals have done for thousands of years. Our most popular cities had been overtaken and threatened. Governments that once were began to lose control and fall. The Higher Powers who thought that this was right, began to question themselves. Before they could retract their mistakes, it was too late. They only wanted mankind to see their faults and correct them or face the consequences. But what was supposed to be a chastisement, turned into something much worse.

    All the main cities had been corrupted by this evil, filled with the intent to eliminate the mortals and claim the world for their own. But I tell you in hopes and in faith, not all were evil and the Higher Powers sought to correct their mistakes. Some evil worked for good. Beings of light were sent down to Earth by the Higher Powers To help aid those who fought to preserve Human life. An Oracle was sent to help those who asked for guidance or to know the knowledge of their purpose. Our tale begins in the city of Chicago......."

    The scene then fades into bliss and you are left to wonder more. But for every true story, their are many views on the way it transpired. You are now left to tell your account of what transpired in those days. Were you a Hero? Maybe a foe? Or were you one of those that just stood idly on the sidelines and watched as everything happened? The world is on The Edge of Oblivion and you are left to determine its fate and to know how things transpired so that the end of this tale can be understood. What part did you have in this exciting chain of events? Please join us and tell us your side of the story so that all can be understood.
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TEOO sta

PostSubject: Re: The Edge of Oblivion   Wed Nov 30, 2011 12:44 pm

http://z15.invisionfree.com/TheEdgeofOblivion/index.php <----is the link since its not working in the image.
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The Edge of Oblivion
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