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 Hearth & Shield

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PostSubject: Hearth & Shield   Sat Dec 31, 2011 8:47 am

You can tell nature no...

'Tis the season! On the shores of the Pebbled Sea, Longnight has come and passed. The sun has risen again, albeit for short winter days. The crops have been harvested and the Citadel buzzes with pomp and circumstance, parties and politics.[center]

...but who says she'll listen?
[align=center]On the fifteenth day of the year 900, the flood struck, not from the sea as predicted but from the river. Summersea's poorest district has taken the worst hit. Many have lost their homes, their work, and--figuratively or literally--their lives. Some have retreated to Winding Circle Temple or the government's shelters, made ready months before, just in case.

For knights, squires and members of the Duke's Guard, duty now means aiding the people as much as they can. For citizens of Summersea, this means a mix of pity for the victims of the flood and resentment of stretched resources and raised prices. For the Provost's Guard, it means the fear that if they cannot maintain order, the Duke of Emelan may declare martial law.

There were warnings. There were preparations.

They weren't enough.

Welcome to the Pebbled Sea.
based on the books by Tamora Pierce
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Hearth & Shield
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