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 Scriptor Bay

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PostSubject: Scriptor Bay   Fri Jan 06, 2012 5:11 pm

Scriptor Bay, Oregon

Legend has it that the city of Scriptor Bay is protected by guardians. All the locals have heard the stories dating back to when the natives roamed the land, and all the stories are based upon one single tree located in the center of the city; The Tree of Enlightenment.

But those are just stories, right?

Perhaps to the humans living within the city's walls the stories are simply that; stories. But to those with guardian blood pumping through their veins those stories aren’t merely legends, but a truth that brought their kind to this world many years ago in order to keep the humans safe from the evils that lurk deep within the tree they so cherish.

So ask yourself this…do you have what it takes to guard a city…and a secret?

● Brand new
● Original RPG
● 150 in-character word minimum
● Active and friendly admin
● Many different character types
● Both board wide plots, and freestyle plots
● Space to move up into administration

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Scriptor Bay
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