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 They Were Right

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PostSubject: They Were Right   Tue Jan 10, 2012 10:34 am

According to the Mayans the world was supposed to end in 2012. Well, by the way things look now… I say they were right. Three years ago a terrorist organization calling itself The Cell committed a crime that would forever change the face of the Earth. Every country worth mentioning was attacked by suicide bombers armed with a deadly biological weapon called MC-6. This gas… this atrocity was released in populated areas at the height of their activity. No one saw it coming. No one was prepared. No one but the bastards could have foreseen the results. Those poor people caught in the initial release were mutated into flesh eating abominations.

A bite here, a nimble there and the disease was spread. It has been three years since that terrible incident and the bastard responsible, Marcus Crown still hasn’t been found. Bolton City is one of the few places that wasn’t hit as hard. But at least things aren’t as bad… the hell am I saying. The world is royally screwed just as much today as it was then. Like I said those damn Mayans… They Were Right.

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They Were Right
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