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Where are all your Gods now?
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PostSubject: Scavengers   Sat Jan 14, 2012 12:49 pm

The world has been ravaged by chaos. Disease can come without warning and steal life without hope of survival. But that is the least of humanities worries, as creatures of the past roam the broken ruins of earth and every form of life seems to have found a thirst for blood. Those that remain struggle to survive, some by scavenging what was left behind, some by stalking and stealing from those weaker than them. Some few have found refuge in the ever dwindling strongholds that remain, and those places are beacons for the predators of humanity to attempt to rip from them the safety they have gained for their own.

Ten years since the portal's opened and ravaged the earth, and ghostly whispers of what came before and what might come to pass are starting to appear. The Predators are becoming organized, those who would take what is left for their own and 'protect' the remains of humanity by ensuring only the strong survive. In the wreckage of the west coast of what was once North America, those who lurk in Baytown have had more sightings of the strange creatures called Spiders and the question that is whispered around campfires and in the darkness of those in hiding: will they be the harbingers of doom or hope?

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