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 Children of the Night

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PostSubject: Children of the Night   Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:11 pm


… and that’s pure fact, if you’re in the world that is Children of the Night.

The year is 2014.
5 years ago, the discovery of vampires hid the media. Since then, more and more vampires have flocked to London, England.

Humans have been forced to live with the thought that their neighbor or old friend could be a vampire. Many humans accept the creatures of the night, but at least as many dislike the idea of their existence. Underground resistance terror and hunter groups are forming…

Vampires must accept that humans know they exist. There’s no way to hide, and many humans are still suspicious. A vampire is now the Prime Minister of England, but maybe he was placed there by a secret pro-vampire group…

At Children of the Night, you join an original roleplay with a unique breed of vampires. It is a roleplay that encourages character and relationship development. Members are more than welcome to come up with their own ideas for the continued story.

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Children of the Night
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