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 Theo Hycote

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Theo Hycote

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PostSubject: Theo Hycote   Tue Jan 24, 2012 8:41 am

Theo Hycote

Full Real Name: Hatinehr
Race: Abyzou demon
Date Of Birth/ Age: Approx 275 (young adult)
District Lived In: Manchester
Occupation: Leather worker/ prostitute

Brief Physical Description: In his human-form ‘Theo’ looks like a mid-30s human male. His brown hair is kept cropped short and he has hazel eyes and a slender, slightly athletic build. He is not unattractive but isn’t so dramatic looking that he would stand out in a crowd, a fact that suits him well. His only really distinctive marking is a haggard feather tattoo on his right shoulder. In his natural form Hatinehr is approximately 3ft 10 at the shoulder, quadrupedal and fairly stocky, his leather-like hide a deep rich purple shade and his eyes a deep sky blue. His belly scales are a similar shade to his eyes. He has a prehensile tail that is longer than his body, and small stubs on the top of his head where a pair of Kudu-like horns used to be.

Brief History: Hatinehr was born in hell and, like most of his species, grew up not knowing his parents. He was brought up by the drone demons that took care of offspring, and was brought up and trained in how to use his naturally inherited skills and abilities. As soon as he came of age he was allowed to travel through hellgates when they were close enough to be able to get through, and he soon found a love of the material plane and chose to stay behind as much as the lords would allow.

Martin Leys was a leather worker, the first human that Hatinehr claimed when he stayed behind after a gate had closed. During physical congress Hatinehr stole Martin's knowledge and his skills, leaving the corpse behind for the authorities to find. Martin was a chief armourer of the town guard, one of the most sought after leather smiths in the region. A few days after his death brought unrest to the city, a stranger named Theo Hycote arrived. Theo was an exceptionally talented leather worker and soon found a quick trade in the busy city, finding a relatively comfortable life in the underground warren.

But Theo still needed to feed. Being somewhat more intelligent than many others of his breed, Theo was able to work out that draining people left right and centre would soon land him in a lot of trouble. Instead of being overt about his needs he studied the behaviour of humans, quickly discovering that there were people who were actually paid to perform the acts that he himself performed in order to feed. Theo started taking to the streets in the shadows of the evenings, selling the use of his body by any and all who wished to make use of it. Sometimes his clients would wake up a day or two after their encounter with him, hidden away in an abandoned building or behind a rubble heap, deeply contented but with no memory of events and utterly exhausted, some of their life and spirit drained away from them. Occasionally, they wouldn't wake up at all, their death blamed on a heart attack, cold or some other natural occurrence.

Five years ago, Theo sold his services to a young woman named Riley. He had intended to drain her, but her beauty captivated him and he soon found himself following her and wanting to mate with her. For six months they were together, and Theo bonded with her. Believing she would be his permanent mate and come back to hell with him, Theo showed her what he really was. Riley freaked and tried to kill Theo before running away from him. Shocked and deeply confused, Theo tried to go back to hell. However, a Manah demon had been watching the youngster and captured him, telling him that if he did not hunt down and slay Riley he would have to answer to the Lords. Hatinehr refused, and the Manah dragged him through the next hellgate that opened and stood him in front of one of the Lords.

Hatinehr escaped with his life, but his horns were cut off in humiliation and the demon lord branded his shoulder with his mark, a permanent tracker that could be used to trace Hatinehr's whereabouts. He was then banished from hell until he filled a quota, or until the Manah decided that Hatinehr had truly learned his lesson. He now lives in Manchester, living comfortably on the items his leather work allows him to barter for but missing home terribly.

Personality: As with most of his species, Hatinehr can be stubborn and temperamental but when allowed to be he can be very playful and fun loving. He is able to work out what people want and is more than capable of meeting their every need, making him just as pleasurable as he is dangerous. His abilities allow him an advantage when working the streets, he is manipulative and silver-tongued in equal measure and once he has locked on to a target, they better hope that he is only after a snack. He is a true hedonist, content indulging in the best that his skills allow him to afford and taking as much delight in feeding as his lunch gains from him.

Caster type: Drainer-Trickster
Spells/ abilities Known: Drainer – sexual energy. Hatinehr is able to read a persons sexual energy and work out exactly what turns them on, and he is more than capable of meeting their needs. When his prey is at the point of orgasm he can wipe their memory of him, leaving them with the warm fuzzy feelings but with no recollection of who or what caused them. Snacking – victims pass out at the point of orgasm, him draining their energy and them waking up 5 – 48hrs later, depending on how much he fed. Full feeding – victims shut down at the point of orgasm, passing away quickly with a grin on their lips. He does occasionally just mate for the sake of mating, but this is increasingly rare.
He is also capable of small material manipulations thanks to his trickster traits; making clothing and small items vibrate and can touch/ stroke/ grope someone from a distance.


Player cbox name: Sam
Playby: John Simm
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Theo Hycote
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