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PostSubject: Rules   Thu Oct 27, 2011 8:25 am

Forum Rules

  • Minimum Character and Player Age.
    Because of the nature of the game and thematic elements within (sex, drugs, violence, language and gore), Unanswered Prayers will accept no players under 16. Characters 14 and up are acceptable, all characters 13 and below are strictly NPC's, no exceptions.

  • Post Legibly at All Times
    No tiny or illegible fonts, and please make sure that the colours you use when posting are not difficult to read.
    Post templates are not to be used at UP. Post templates are preformatted templates with pictures, gifs, song lyrics, scroll bars etc used to make posts 'pretty'. The staff believes that a truly pretty post needs no further embellishments than well-written prose.

  • Use Proper Spelling and Grammar
    We ask that all players at Unanswered Prayers adhere to standard convention of English, including proper spelling, grammar, and capitalization. For example, "realise"(UK spelling) and "realize"(US spelling) are both considered correct. Firefox has a spell check built into the browser and when in doubt google the spelling of a word or use Dictionary.com.

  • Images, Signatures and Avatars Limits
    No forum images may exceed 500px in width. Signatures can be a maximum of 500x300px. Avatars may be 150x200px maximum.

  • Register Accounts Logically
    Do not use your screenname/ online handle/ chatbox name for character accounts. Register your character's name with proper capitalisation as Firstname Lastname. Example: "John Smith." Also, we have the Sub-Accounts mod activated on the board.

  • Character Playby's / Celebrity Faces are Required
    Character playbys must be human and depicted in no form aside from photography (no drawings etc). You cannot use a picture of yourself or anyone you know, or anyone from deviantart/ myspace etc. Celebrities only, even if they are obscure.

  • We don't Have Minimum Word Count and Character Limit
    We do not currently have a minimum word count. However, we do expect all players to be fair and use common sense. If someone posts a 750 word open thread starter, it would be rude to only reply with a few sentences. At the same time if someone does a short, snappy opener it would be unfair to reply with an epic essay and expect an equal response. There are no hard and fast character limits at UP but we do expect each character you play to be relevantly fleshed out. If we feel that you are delivering quantity over quality we will put a hold on any future character you apply until we feel you are balancing the ones you have.

  • Board Rating
    Swearing and foul language WILL occur. Violence, drug use and prostitution WILL occur. Our rating is 3-2-3. That means we allow graphic violence, swearing and yes, your characters may have sexual relations(but you are Required to Fade to Black). We are 3-2-3 rated to provide players the freedom to write without many restrictions.RPGR Rating System

  • No Out Of Character Bickering / The Respect Rule
    The golden rules applies, treat everyone the way you want to be treated or how you want the people you care for to be treated.
    The decimation of humanity is dramatic enough without any further disharmony being added out of game. We expect all players to adhere to a very simple rule: No OOC Drama. If you don't like something that has happened IC then talk about it, rationally, with the other parties involved, if you feel that is making no headway, then privately contact staff to weigh in. Unanswered Prayers will not tolerate unnecessary acrimony on board or in the chat box. If you have a problem, Message UP Staff.

  • Do not make Unrealistic Characters
    We do not allow god modding, power-playing, or mary sue characters on UP.
    A handshake is not considered power playing at Unanswered Prayers, although impregnation, killing, maiming or otherwise controlling another character without the player's consent is. A character using their skills to escape a tricky situation is not god modding, but your character being a demon tamer who can also use technologies that have not been seen or used by human kind in almost 30 years while using magic untrained, are. If you do not know the terms God Modding, Power Play, or Mary Sue, Google them.

  • Keep In Character and Out of Character (OOC/IC) Information Separate
    As always, we expect you to keep OOC and IC information separate. Just because you may have 3 characters and access to three different factions information does not mean your characters get to share this information without a logical, in game explanation. As the adage goes: IC actions have IC consequences.
    Subtopic, Spies: Information sharing between factions is greatly discouraged, therefore spies must be discrete. Their lives are actually at stake if they are discovered. If you pick the path of a dangerous rogue. A flashy spy like James Bond should not be your role model.

  • Pregnancy, Babies and Children Have Rules
    On pregnancy and babies/children: If you want your female character to be impregnated you have to have admin approval, period. Second, children and babies are strictly NPC's. Third, your children are not going to be Sue drama devices. Newborns instantly being kidnapped by random demons will result in annoyed admins, which will likely result in a demon lord being dropped on your character's head.

  • Leave Dead Threads Lie
    Please do not necro threads. To 'necro' is to post in a thread that is more than 3 weeks old without consulting the other player(s). If a thread has been sat around for 3 or more weeks, there's a chance the other player(s) has moved their character(s) on into other threads and plots. Ask them first if it is okay to carry on with it. It's basic manners.

Staff reserves to right to update and amend the rules regularly. By registering an account at UP you agree to adhere to this code of conduct. Ignorance of the above rules is not an excuse to break them.

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