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Theo Hycote

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PostSubject: Bugs   Wed Jan 25, 2012 5:58 am

The young Ragno was hunting, following the scents of flesh and decay. The canal district of the vast city was sparsely populated, making it ideal hunting territory for the demon. Eight long legs skittered across the icy ground, the barbs struggling to find grip on the slippery terrain. The Ragno was a young adult, not yet fully grown but its thorax still at the head height of the average human woman. Dawn was just beginning to break over the horizon and the Ragno was hungry, hunting down the source of the scents of hide and flesh. It traced the scents to a building separated from all the others, a small warehouse with a sign stating Hycote's Tannery creaking softly in the chill breeze.

The demon had no liking of the cold, but it could sense a source of heat coming from inside the warehouse along with the tempting scents. There were no humans around, it was still before curfew was over, so the monstrous spider was able to travel to the building undisturbed and slip inside through the swinging gate that sheltered the raw hide deposit chute.

Landing clumsily on the hide of a sheep, the Ragno delighted in its new found treasure. There was little meat left on the hide but that did not matter, the starving creature made short work of it. After eating its fill it peered around the warehouse, trying to find a place to hide and rest through the day. A huge fire was burning in a massive hearth under a chimney in the corner of the room, drying out the raw leather and burning off the waste. Deciding up the chimney would be the safest place to wait until nightfall, the Ragno started to climb up on the hearth.

A low, almost imperceptible growl was the only warning it got...

The fire exploded outwards towards the Ragno as Hatinehr pounced from his nest within the flames, the much smaller demon sinking his fangs deep into the chest of the giant spider. The Ragno shrieked in agony, legs scrambling to try to find purchase as Hatinehr held on like a vice, legs thrashing to send claws slashing at the spiders torso. The spider tried to hack at the canine demon with its legs but the Abyzou was too close, at completely the wrong angle.

However, he wasn't too close to avoid the poison-dripping fangs that sank into his shoulder.

Hatinehr whined as the pain shot through his foreleg but did not let go, teeth clamping tighter around the flesh of the spider even as the spiders fangs sank deeper into his shoulder. Hatinehr kept striking the Ragno with his tail and thrashing and kicking with his legs, tearing chunks out of the spider that shrieked manically around his flesh. Eventually a brutal slash with a back leg ripped into the spiders abdomen, its insides spilling out and the giant creature dropping dead.

For a long while Hatinehr held on, panting heavily and waiting for his jaw to relax enough to allow him to let go. After what felt like an eternity the pain from his shoulder hit Hatinehr like a wall, and he quickly let go of the massive beast and changed into his human-form. Blood like dark green tar soaked him and the area where he had been battling with the Ragno, and the pain in his arm slowed Theo down as he fought with a shovel, brush and mop to dispose of the evidence of what had occurred. The Ragno was hidden in a secret chamber under the floorboards of the warehouse, and a small colony of long imprisoned Deathshead Bugs would make short work of it. The spider-like demons were inedible to the young Abyzou.

It took the better part of half an hour for Theo to scrub the blood off of his skin, and by the time he emerged from the cleansing fire he was in utter agony, his right arm all but immobile as the poison spread through it. He knew if he didn't get it sorted soon, the poison would quickly overcome him and within about two hours he would be dead. He needed to feed, and soon.

Theo all but ran into the heart of the city, a long sleeved jumper keeping the horrifying cold off him as well as hiding the quickly failing limb. He knew he didn't have time to be picky, but he also knew he couldn't appear as desperate as he was. People tended to get suspicious and trigger-happy when someone was running around flapping when they weren't being chased by something. As he neared the city proper he slowed down, catching his breath and looking out for his potential saviour. Beggars rubbed shoulders with the richest folk in this part of town, and it didn't take Theo long to spot a target. An old beggar by the roadside, a little way from the others, coughing into a handkerchief that was stained with blood. Tuberculosis more than likely. Theo would be doing him a favour. At least this way the blokes passing would be quick, painless and highly enjoyable. Theo approached the beggar with a soft swagger, hazel eyes smouldering with lust and silent promise, his voice honey smooth. “Hey there. Let's see if I can take your mind off of things for a little while, hmm?”


Theo emerged from the abandoned warehouse fifteen minutes after entering it, chewing on some mint leaves. That was the problem with the sick prey, they always left a very sour after-taste. He was exhausted but relieved, the pain slowly leaving his shoulder and movement coming back to his arm. Striding away from the building Theo headed into the main market area of the city, ready to begin the day in earnest. First stop would be one of the bread stalls, he had a craving for something sweet. The beggar was not so lucky, of course. He would likely rest in there until the smell alerted people who would in turn call on the town guard, who would no doubt be baffled by the deceased beggar with the huge grin on his lips.
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