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 Land of Not, a Dark Fairy Tale RP [ IF ]

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Land of

PostSubject: Land of Not, a Dark Fairy Tale RP [ IF ]   Tue Apr 03, 2012 9:21 am

The Originals whisper of a time where the world wasn't so bleak; where colors could be found everywhere, and a smile was always worn on everyone's lips. Myths, legends... Even to those that lived in the Fairy Tale. They had magic then; true magic. They weren't restricted by the constraints of the world; they were at one with their universe. Such sentiments seem to be nothing more than distant fleeting memories, even to those that lived in it. To the newcomers in the world, it seems as though they're nothing more than whimsical fantasies of the world that could have been.

Legend has it that a King and Queen once ruled over the lands; and together, they brought eternal sunshine and color to it's people. But the fairy tales began to grow grim when it's Queen lost her baby. The Great Witch angered with the couple for allowing their personal lives to affect the Kingdom stripped them of their powers, and doomed them to a life eternal. The Land of Not, as it came to be, lost it's colors then. For two weeks every year, there is possibility to see the beauty that was once held in Not's rich soil; but that hasn't happened in many a year. All hope has lost, and the gray skies grow darker and darker as the years pass.

Having abandoned their Fairy Tales, and whimsical ways they all but completely forgot the Kingdom to the East forgot that there was a land where one's deepest fantasies could come true. Their King became repressive and began to demand an ending that not even he knew. The Supernaturals begin to flood the streets of Not, perplexed by their magic, and perplexing many others with their abilities. War is brewing between the lands; a slaughter unlike anything Not has ever seen is bound to make the waters run red with blood. Perhaps then there will be a bit of color.

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Land of Not, a Dark Fairy Tale RP [ IF ]
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