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 What we're doing

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PostSubject: What we're doing   Fri Apr 13, 2012 5:52 am

This is basically and overview of the things we plan to do to improve UP for us, and maybe other people. XD

  1. We've moving to Jcink (the URL will go here, likely UnansweredPrayers.b1.jcink.com or some variant. )

  2. We're going to cull a few cities, Hell will obviously remain but the human cities are going to change drastically. (Perhaps we'll open the new board with a month long event?)

  3. Once we have culled the cities we're going to form one major cities with human survivors form ALL the other cities and form Districts

  4. Everything else is going to remain the same, except we now have to up date the plot, adverts, and timeline

Notes from IM session 12 April, 2012

we coudl open teh board with a "suprise ther were 5 cities but shit just got real!" back story explaining why/how more cities got demolished... oo!
ladylindis45 ( Apr 12 2:35 PM ) :‎ Districts!
ladylindis45 ( Apr 12 2:36 PM ) :‎ there were survivors form all of the remaining human cities and they all moved to X place and set up discricts that function like their orgional cities did.
then if the board grows we can "uncover" the ruins of previous cities. XD
although districts set up a problem of spa--
ladylindis45 ( Apr 12 2:37 PM ) :‎ yay insta-conflict! XD
‎ the districtts fight over space! naturally the cardiff district things tehy need the most, land/breeding...and everyone else has their own reasons...
ladylindis45 ( Apr 12 2:38 PM ) :‎ that makes secret boards even more important. XD
ladylindis45 ( Apr 12 2:39 PM ) :‎ And naturally which ever city has welcomed all these fucking refugees is pissed at losing space
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What we're doing
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